How it Works

1. Watch the Live Draw

We have 2 to 3 personnel that is watching each live draw from 11AM, 4PM and 9PM.

2. Manually Recording

Our watchers will then manually record each and every result of the draw.

3. Posting The Results

After the draw we evaluate the correctness of the recorded results before posting it into our website.

There's a lot of process that needs to take place before we post the actual results on our system, plus we also check the official results from the PCSO website when they post it on a daily basis to make sure the correctness of our post. If we found out that our data does not match with the results data posted by the PCSO website we will change it to match theirs.

Final results must always follow the official post of the PCSO website.

DISCLAIMER: Results posted here are gathered from the official PCSO website to confirm our results please visit their official result page.
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